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10691 UpdatedDate:110-12-07

The fire burned down HUANG, HUI-HSUEH’s house and made her lose everything all at once. Friends want her to pull herself together and have something to do, so they suggest her to open a coffee shop. This becomes the juncture for her to know coffee, and she as a Christian believed this is another window that God opened for her. 

 “I think coffee is fun, and gradually learn a lot of knowledge.” From what she said, you can understand that she has a strong interest in researching coffee. Indeed, her proudest product, cold drip coffee, was invented by trial and error. She can’t afford expensive equipment, so she used the burets with the same principle to make cold drip coffee. By using different drip speeds and water quality to make cold drip coffee with different texture. “Pairing with homemade banana brownie or passion fruit pound cake is a big enjoyment." HUANG, HUI-HSUEH said with confidence. Except for cold drip coffee, another main product in the café is pour over coffee. They will take the equipment to the tableside and make pour over coffee right there for the customers, and according to the preferences of customers to use different methods to present the taste of coffee. All the coffee beans used in the shop are self-roasted and carefully selected by HUI-HSUEH.   

At the same time, HUANG, HUI-HSUEH is also the first cupper of Chiayi. With the passion for coffee and a gift taste bud, she continuous self-learned, researched and humbly asked for advice, then she passed the five-day exams at the first try. This is rare. It surprised all her families and friends, but it also strengthened her determination to run a coffee shop.  

This process of starting from scratch doesn’t succeed at the first try, and several setbacks just raise her morale. Just like her original intention, she thinks people can have professional and good coffee in Chiayi. Next time when you pass by the café, why don’t you come inside and have a cup of cold drip coffee with a lot of stories? 

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