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Water Source Meter Room
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Classical Architecture-Water Source Meter Room

The Water Source Meter Room is located opposite of the Agricultural Research Institute at Minquan Road, Chiayi City. This classical architecture was built in the Baroque style. Solid columns with simple gables, it is a rare architectural form in Chiayi City, and because of its uniqueness, this structure has been preserved till today. This structure was situated on a piece of land managed by the Bureau of Forestry, and the road nearby has never been expanded, so it was hidden behind trees and grass for many years. An expansion project of Minquan Road, which links Chungshan Park and Lantan Junior High School, unveiled the water meter room. Ever since, its unique style has made it an eye-catcher sight along the road.

This structure was built by the provincial water company to house a water meter, which records the daily volume processed by the water processing plant. From its construction in the Japanese Colonial Period to today, this structure has stood for 85 years. As the system became obsolete, the meter has stopped operations for over 20 years.

Established:Taisho 3 years (around 1914)
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