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Chiayi Old Prison (now the Prison Museum)
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The Only Surviving Old Prison Structure in Taiwan-Chiayi Old Prison


Chiayi Prison commenced operation in 1922 under the name Tainan Prison Chiayi Branch, which was later renamed as "Taiwan Department of Correctional Affair, Chiayi Branch" in 1924. In 1945, the Republic government reassigned the prison as the First Branch of the Third Prison and, and, in 1947, it was renamed again into Taiwan Chiayi Prison. In March 1994, Chiayi Prison was relocated to Lucao Township, and the old prison house was reorganized as Chiayi Prison Chiayi Branch. The interior has been well preserved, and the prison house, as well as facilities, is now a window to the history of prison administration, which offers as a living classroom into education of the legal system and human rights.


Chiayi Prison, constructed on special engineering technology, has a unique architectural design and space layout. The central control system is the ideal prototype of prisoner control and the raised ceilings of the prison houses and factory provided ventilation, lighting, humidity-proofing, and a birds-eye view patrol through the various shapes of windows. The doors and windows were made of Alishan cypress and reinforced for strength, durability, and escape prevention. Though this facility has been through several renovations, the original structure is still intact, and is now a valuable cultural asset.

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23°29'10.42800" N 120°27'30.45600" E
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