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Mugeneration Café
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The owner of Mugeneration Café, Orisun, has been interested in classic design items since he studied in college. In addition to having the EAMES seats in the dorms, he sold second-hand foreign designer clothes on the Internet. After he graduated from 

Industrial Design Institute, he gradually had an idea to create a space where design and life are complementary to each other.

The entrepreneurial belief of Orisun is to open a café with differentiation. With the support of his designer wife and his pastry chef sister, the three people who used to live in different cities went back to Chiayi City and played to their own strengths in this space.

As the only point of sale of A Good Day Records, the charming imported classic old tables and chairs, and the simple but leaving a rich aftertaste coffee and desserts, all these make Mugeneration Café win the favor of many domestic and foreign music performers who are seeking a performance space in Chiayi City.

Mugeneration Café is in Hinoki Village which is the Japanese-style Taiwan cypress wood house of the Forestry Bureau and also the famous sightseeing place of Chiayi City. In order to get closer to the atmosphere of the beautiful Hinoki Village, they use the old Taiwan cypress timber to design a wooden frame dessert display cabinet. Just like the name of café, using wood makes something new. At the same time, they combine a variety of classic designs that are not often seen in daily life with amiable and approachable desserts and coffees. When the customers use these designs in the café, if they like they can just buy them home. In the café, there are all kind of ingenious ornaments to let the customers spend a very interesting time in the café. High-quality utensils and environment are the basic equipment of Mugeneration Café, and these highlight the warm hospitality of their staff. Therefore, on the glass sliding door separating the working area, printed with two chameleons that is eating Madeleines and drinking coffee, they are waiting for every soul who comes into the door, because in this place even the chameleon can become warm, too.

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