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 “I am very interested in the preservation of historic sites and historical culture, and cultural appreciation.” CHANG, CHIA-HSIU, the CEO of New in Ages says. From the beginning she explained why she repaired a 70-year-old house and use the house to open a restaurant. “But we can't just keep the sense of history of the old house, we must also follow the pulse of the times and move on.” That’s why there is a “new” in the name of the restaurant. 

For managing the restaurant, CEO CHANG, CHIA-HSIU has her own ideas. She insists on using local ingredients on the menu and local characteristic as a theme for interior decoration of the restaurant. This does not only allow customers to eat healthy food but also appreciates the beauty of the landscape and humanities of Chiayi. For example, the ceilings of the first floor leading to second floor was painted by the artist LU, MING-SHIH. It is the starry night of Alishan, and you can see the entire Milky Way. And because the old name of “Minxiong” sounds like “hitting cat”, there are also many cat furnishings and ingenuity in the restaurant.  

With her background in nursing, she makes the most of the two-story old house space. The first floor is used as restaurant, and the second floor does not only retain the original style of Japanese wood house, but also adds a lot of new installation arts and becomes a new social media check-in place. On the second floor, a space for "foot baths" has been specially planned. She hopes that the concept of foot care can be promoted much more in Taiwan.

She does not only add many creative ideas to create and use the space, but also improve the menu of the restaurant. “Flower Cup - Take Away Meal” is improved after long time of research and development and focuses on low-carbon and environmentally-friendly. The cookie base is the shape of the flower and serve as a utensil to hold the meal, and the meal is made of the local ingredients with the classic flavor. When we praise her dedication for the implementation of environmental protection, CEO CHANG, CHIA-HSIU does not forget to mention the “Piggy Bravo Set Meal” with golden cheese lava is the most popular meal in the restaurant recently. Except for the sweet aftertaste from rice with lard, there are surprises for visual impact.  

 “Eat food in the season and use ingredients from the local” is the determination and conviction that CEO CHANG, CHIA-HSIU has always insisted on. Next time when you come here, let’s revisit the old time of the old house and experience the creativity of space creation!

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