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We are the fancy cozy hotel in the rear train station zone in Chiayi City.

The venue is in West Dist., Chiayi City close to downtown 3 minute by car to Chiayi Train Station (rear).  The souvenirs booth at the right side of the lobby satisfies the visitors desirous of shopping but not fond of leaving the hotel.  The essential services and lounges including the restaurant, the café bar, the meeting room, the business center, the multimedia room and self-laundry are available.  They make you enjoy the leisure hours in a relaxed, soothed and pleased way.  The café bar in the restaurant is the top option for the visitors desirous of gossips but not fond of leaving the hotel.

The multimedia room is fitted to those fond of playing the film of the tour.  The rental bike is available to enact the low-carbon and pollution-free policy for the visitor to cycle for fun.  The wide laid-back touch fills the air of the lobby.  The nice sofa soothes the tired visitor.  The sincere and honest services of the front clerks are available.

 The theme of the rooms is sleek and tasteful.  The visual comfort is managed with soft lighting.  The light touch panel is available.  The visitor can access the high-tech in the chic lodging setting.  The bed is the most essential amenity for relaxing, so the cozy soft bed is available in each guestroom for comfort and relaxation.  The separate toilet and bath equipment is available as well.  The refined detailed services render the at-home feel to the visitors.

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