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Cang Café
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5021 UpdatedDate:110-12-07

The fast the pace of urban life, the more you want to incorporate a slow life to adjust. When the night falls, is it really that hard to find a good cup of coffee?

The owner of Cang Café, CHANG, wants you to have a good cup of coffee with reasonable price. The decoration of the café is industrial loft style. In the day time, bright daylight shines into the house and the whole place becomes fashion and elegant. In the night time, warm lighting lets the space poise and calm. There are not too much tables in the café, and the owner personally arrange this uncrowded place where you can sit down for a cup of coffee after work on weekdays. The business hour of the café is around midnight, and no matter you want to be alone or meet with friends, you can enjoy the fun food time that Cang Café brings to you without burden.

Except for the selected coffee, Cang Café also has homemade desserts. They insist on using simple local milk and fresh fruits in season to make purest and at ease flavors. All these plain ingredients, through the ingenuity and creativity of CHANG, become the stunning flavors that surprise your taste buds and senses. From coffee latte, Caramel Macchiato, Wild berry Cheese Cake to cream puffs, the flavors change from light to heavy, and predicts the sweet feast of every day. The most special dessert is the holiday-only and limited-handmade Rainbow Mille Crêpes. Colorful and cute rainbow colors make you feel like a teenage girl. The pictures that you take use up the capacity of your camera. Through the word of mouth and the social media community of young generation, Cang Café has become a social media check-in place that young people want to come. And It also leads us to experience the city’s most mellow coffee culture.

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Telephone No. 5622
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