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17418 UpdatedDate:110-12-06

Tingchuang Village (Dingzhuang Li) of Chiayi City fruitful in terms of environmental protection and ecological makeover over the years has turned the Taiwan Sugar Company (TSC) narrow gauge rail tracks disused to the community bikeway while the groups of Japanese rhinoceros beetles clustering here and there on the Formosan Ashes on both sides amaze the visitors a lot.

It was uneasy to restore the Japanese rhinoceros beetles, but Tingchuang Community manages to regain them nicely by building a livable setting via improving the environment and water quality, planting the Formosan Ash Lane and setting up the bikeway.

In mid-May each year, the Japanese rhinoceros beetles emerge from soil and seek the mates for reproduction.  There are hundreds of Japanese rhinoceros beetles on the Formosan Ashes changing all sorts of gestures and even battling against each other.  This is a marvelous sight.  The Japanese rhinoceros beetle is known as the Knight as well.  The Seek the Trace of Japanese Rhinoceros Beetles Campaign starts from mid-May to late-June each year.  It is the most welcome for the public to join this campaign with the whole family, which not only allows the kids to contact the nature but also enables the adults to recollect the childhood.

What to be mentioned is that Tingchuang Community won the golden medal of the First Rural Village Competition held by Chiayi City Government in 2017.

How to go?

 The community bikeway altered from the disused TSC rail tracks is open to the public.   It is free to enter the bikeway from Lane 585 opposite to Tingchuang Village Chief Office on Yichiao St.  The Japanese rhinoceros beetles cluster on Formosan Ashes on both sides of the community bikeway.  This can be seen day and night.  The public can stroll in Ting Chuang in the free time and enjoy the sight of the Japanese rhinoceros beetles freely.

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