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9294 UpdatedDate:110-12-06

Go Gold Bikes! Strolling Leisurely on the Shady Shixian Road

In response to the enthusiastic advocacy of Chiayi City government, the city and the suburban areas are now filled with happy bikers on the holidays. Strolling leisurely on a bike path is now a fashion in Chiayi. The city government has planned biking routes along the wide and shady Jhongsiao and Shixian Road to accommodate safe and healthy activities.

Shixian Road is a major road circling the outer city area. By the side of this 90 m-wide 8-lane road, thick trees have grown tall and shady. The biking routes are located right under the shades of the city woods. Just go forward and ignore the roaming cars outside; the bicycle route is safely partitioned from the busy traffic.

Each section of the Shixian Road Biking Route is different and unique. You will pass through concrete surfaces and sometimes brick surfaces. If you want to take a break from biking, there are attentively designed bicycle parking zones by the roadside.

Established:Project was 97 years starts on August 28, scheduled for 97 years for completion November 10
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23°29'40.62948" N 120°26'17.65176" E
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