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21562 UpdatedDate:110-12-06

The tiny park aside Yushan Inn and Kitamon Eki has been there since the Japanese Governance Period.  SMART Chuang adopted the Sleeping Forest as the theme, designed the white bear, pink elephant, fox, owl, penguin and squirrel cute animal characters and blended them in the existing trees, air-raid shelter and streetlights.  The public can sense the forest mood with vitality and tranquility as strolling.

 The cherry blossom iron arch at the entrance implies the image of Kitamon Eki the main gate to Mt. Ali.  There are stars, moons and suns on the streetlights mimicking birdcages and owls.  The colorful lamps light up the 50-year-old wax apple trees and the old-day air-raid shelter.  The visitors can enjoy fabulous nighttime hours with the fantastic illumination.

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23°29'13.79760" N 120°27'16.74000" E
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