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A sleek modern look is a presence linking lure and lust.  37 kinds of mystic luring suites are in sight along with light shedding from the tropical palm in the wind.  The touching suite types cover sleek chic, deluxe, leisure and romantic.  Shantis quenches your thirst for fashion and taste in the busy daily life with the sweet furnishings in the suites.


  • The suite price is calculated as follows: 12 hours for overnight stay and 2 hours for short stay.
  • Each suite receives 2 adults only (children not older than the age of 14 excluded).
  • No visitors after check-in. Please meet the visitor at the entrance (VIP lounge) if necessary.
  • No pets in the motel.
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23°28'55.16400" N 120°25'51.92400" E
Accommodations Information
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Telephone No. 05-2317777
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