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The making of a good cup of local tea and the appreciation for the good tea of human feelings all come from the insistence of Alishan tea farmers. The One Tea uses natural agriculture to simplify the true flavor of tea leaves without luxury and exaggeration. Upholding the local spirits of respecting the Gods, loving the land, and making good tea, The One Tea just wants you to know the happiness of drinking a cup of tea.

Even though CEO LIN, YING-CHIAO inherited the family business at that time, she also started from scratch and studied how to make good tea. Every step was hard, but it was also pragmatic. Starting from her own tea garden, she learned how to plant tea tree, pluck tea, make tea, roast tea, sell tea and open a brand tea shop. She single-handedly handles the strictest tea checks and determines to let the customers have the truly authentic Taiwan tea. There are no secrets along the way, except insisting on the things you truly believe.   

Speaking of the process of starting the business, LIN, YING-CHIAO thought the hardest thing is to learn the profound knowledge of managing tea garden. At the beginning, when it was time for tea plucking, it was usually short-handed, and this made her particularly panic. Recalling all those hard days, now she can say it with a smile: It was worth it! She can tell her customers,” we grow all the teas that you drink.” It is also her intention for the consumers and the local good tea, and she wants to create their own brand, The One Tea. With the simple and unpretentious packaging and not too gorgeous exterior, it allows consumers to focus on the content of tea and return to the original intention of drinking healthy tea.  

The signature tea of the shop is Tose Black Tea, “Tose” means pleased. The package was improved from the tea packaging of tea sellers from the early days, and the picture on the package is the ancient map of Peach City. This is a selected black tea made of Green Tip Oolong that grows near 23.5 degree north latitude of Alishan. The tea is warm and not aggressive, but it has rich flavor and layers, just like the true nature of Chiayi people. Through the new thinking of tea drinking, she wants to bring young people into the world of Taiwanese tea. With a really good cup of Taiwan Tea, the mission will be inheriting and you will understand the best taste of the tea.

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