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Wenhua Road Night Market
Jhuluo customs
22741 UpdatedDate:110-12-06

The area of Datong (Zhongshan Road), Ertong (Zhongzheng Road) and Wenhua Road has been filled with shops in different styles selling great varieties of merchandise since the period of Japanese rule. This area has become the most popular and crowded commercial district on Chiayi-Nantou Plain. Exotic snacks are served at the Wenhua Road Night Market such as snacks from all over China, the Chiayi specialty of turkey on rice, soybean milk and tofu pudding, traditional egg rolls, snacks from overseas, as well as ginger juice tomato which you can’t get in northern Taiwan and oyster omelets which are not served until midnight. All these can fully satisfy the picky taste of the epicure. Indeed, this place has attracted countless numbers of food lovers.

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23°28'46.70724" N 120°26'59.21988" E
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