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25x40 Café
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26145 UpdatedDate:110-12-07

At that time, HUANG, I-CHEN was 25 years old and worked in Taipei and after she read “Café Triste”, the dream to open a café was born. After 15 years of working career, at the age of 40, she finally completed her dream at Zhongzheng Road of Chiayi City. That’s why the name of the café is 25x40.

When you step into 25x40 Café, the old Taiwan cypress wood house is telling a story of 60 years. That’s why HUANG, I-CHEN rented this house when the first time she saw it, and spent three months to renovate the whole house. The high ceiling house without partitions is just like opening their arms to welcome any unintended visits by passersby. There are non-scheduled exhibitions holding in the café, and the products of cultural and creative Industry for sale. That’s because when I-CHEN studied in graduate school, they used to discuss the products of cultural and creative Industry and how these artists and craftsmen do not have the opportunities to show their works. Therefore, I-CHEN wants to provide a platform to let these works to shine. Except for selling real products, I-CHEN also plans various artistic and cultural activities on her own. She often invited national celebrities to the café to hold lectures, workshops, and concerts, and she hopes by holding these activities will improve and perk up the exchange of arts and literature in Chiayi City.

In the past, this old Taiwan cypress wood house was connected with the next-door building, and the construction master said the Taiwan cypress wood was high-end timber from Alishan. It could not be denied that the house might have belonged to someone who had a certain power or economic status. As time went by, this house has already lost its fame and flourishing, and after I-CHEN rent the house, it has become the first open artistic and cultural space of Chiayi City. It sincerely invites art enthusiasts to share their beautiful dreams with each other.

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