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Yuan Lin Zi Community
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The Natural Reserve of History- Yuanlinji

Yuanlinji was formed into a small tribe around a century ago, where the Ji and Huang clans settled for generations. This small village has abundant natural resources, such as the century-old lychee tree and cold spring. In 2003, the Society of Wilderness discovered rich varieties of animal and plant species, as well as other bio-diversity in this oasis of ecology, during their stationed observation.

Under the guidance of the government, the Yuanlinji Eco-Art Development Association was founded, dedicated to community development and preservation of the rich resources, like the lychee three, old well, cold spring, and ancient tombs. Through a series of activities, the Association brought more people to know the beauty of Yuanlinji. 

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Yuanlinji (rounded woods) got its name from its topography. As the shape of this settlement looked like a rounded basket, residents of the area called it the rounded woods (Yuanlinji ). The local folks also call it the Ash Kiln, Banana Village, and the Graveyard.

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23°30'6.16680" N 120°28'35.64480" E
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