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Maison De Chine Hotel
5783 UpdatedDate:110-10-15

Scheduled to open in 2015, Maison De Chine Hotel Chiayi is located at the edge of downtown area, near the famous Central Fountain. Though situated in a busy area, the Hotel provides a quiet staying environment for the guests. Wenhua Rd. is a two-lane roadway, and is very busy during daytime. In the nighttime, the local night market is a popular choice for the tourists. And the next day you could visit Alishan National Scenic Area, which is famous for its forest railway and sunrise view, enjoy the magnificent natural scenery. This is the place where you could experience local life and create great memories for your trip.
Maison De Chine Hotel Chiayi provides 185 rooms available for our guests. The interior space of the rooms is designed to have a gentle tone and classic and restrained style, allowing the guests to enjoy a staying experience as refreshing and natural as being in the mountains. The Japanese style room (with tatami) is comfortable and cozy, providing an easy, relaxing feeling, just like being at home. The commodious and grand banquet space, with its sophisticated audio visual equipment, is perfect for holding all kinds of events, including banquets, weddings, wine parties, meetings, and exhibitions.

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23°29'0.22200" N 120°26'55.48200" E
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