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Chiayi Art Museum (the former Liquor and Tobacco Bureau)
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Characteristic Architecture


The monopoly business of Tobacco & Liquor began in 1900. The Japanese set up the Taiwan Bureau of Tobacco & Liquor, which was managed directly under the Governor. The Chiayi branch was established in 1924, and this structure was built in 1936. The Chiayi City branch managed the monopoly business in the Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan region. This structure stands as witness the history of tobacco and alcohol trade.


This structure has rounded corners and recessed entrance. The simple design conveys a symmetrical and harmonious beauty. The majestic façade is finished in patterned bricks for aesthetics and octagonal pillars are found at the turning corners of the staircase leading from the second floor to the third floor. The checker-pattern air holes and the column decorations are highly characteristic.



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23°28'38.56800" N 120°26'26.88000" E
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