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5654 UpdatedDate:110-10-22

This is the first boutique hotel brand designed newly by COSMOS CREATION on Daya Rd., Chiayi City.  A simplistic style is brought by the geometric look in white with the graceful style mimicking a museum of fine arts.  The guestrooms with the vivid tone are stunning.  The natural images of Mt. Ali like sunrise, mountain mists, trees are blended as well.  The designer blends the Alishan-inspired ideas in the guestrooms and the public spaces to amaze the visitors with dialogues.  There are 71 cozy guestrooms.  The lively style and characteristic paintings in the space with the woody tone deliver a warm and plain touch.  The lighting projected amazes and pleases the eyes.  A composed purified feel is given to the visitors.  The main target is families and lone visitors.  The installation artworks inspired by the childhood memories placed here and there in the hotel are meant to make the tour memorable.


From Tung-hao Chang, CEO, COSMOS HOTELS & RESORTS: ”Our design is simplistic and sophisticated.  Simplicity comforts you.  Sophistication means that design sustains out of the context and the concept.  This includes the corporate identity interrelated to architecture and interior of each hotel.  A human-centered boutique hotel is tailor-made exclusively for the owner.”

Chiayi enjoying the name of Picturesque City is the city nearest to Mt. Ali (Alishan).  COSMOS CREATION draws a dialogue with light and shade, summits and the sun at a venue close to the rising sun.  The COSMOS CREATION design team manages to include the local cultural features in the building, the lighting, the lobby and the rooms applying Induce Design for Local Tourism to each corner.  The pieces of clouds and the layers of mountains on Mt. Ali inspire the look.  The warm sunlight shines on the interior warm tone.  The lighting refracting in the nighttime is the most beautiful star on the summit.  A dialogue with light and shade, hills and peaks and the sun starts as stepping into the hotel.  The enchanting lifestyle in Chiayi can be accessed.

The natural images of Mt. Ali like sunrise, mountain mists, trees are conceptualized to be blended in aesthetics of the building.  The ridges of Mt. Ali inspire the random cubic shape of the building.  This is not only a piece of art and cultural symbol but also a brand-new landmark in Chiayi.


The logo fuses three elements: the sun rises from the horizon, dots of mountains and circles of tree rings.  The rounded SUN character implies the shape of the sun as a detail at the right upper corner of the handwritten Chinese characters of SUN DIALOGUE.  The slogan is born as well, “PAINT YOUR SUN. SHINE YOUR DAY. SUNDAY IS EVERYDAY.”  The cozy space and sweet services are available to travelers.  We are expecting the visitors to enjoy the moment and may everyday be a holiday for our guests!

The devil is in the details.  Just like the services, the detail of design is particularly valued.  The tale is blended in the bus shelter at the gate in the exterior ring of the hotel.  Dubi the colorful boar figures our big mascot standing aside the bus shelter greets each visitor sincerely.  This makes each person smile under the sun.  The laughter is in the air and leisure is in the heart.

The Sun’s Note the installation art in the lobby with the simplistic geometric pattern and the gear structure pictures inclusion of art in life and the transient aesthetic experience in life.  The tin-plate-cutting line of the pepper mill and the whisk matches the astronomical image comprised of the trial balloon and the power ring.  The WM Design Studio team combines the manual touch of the installation art in laser grooving the cutting-edge technology for picturing the contemporary tempo and aesthetics of life.  The static Sun’s Note makes it a woodwork with a celestial structure.  The dynamic Sun’s Note with the rotating handles moved by the visitor means that the visitors staying at the hotel cycle together rotating the pedals in pursuit of happiness.  The artworks specifically put at each corner of the hotel are meant to amaze the visitors.

The identical style applies to the space sign and the badges.  The badge of each staff member made with the European imported cowhide by the greenroom the famous handmade leather brand evidences the committed and valued detail.

Dubi the mascot exclusively for the hotel is designed as well.  The pure and cut mascot has a full round figure and giant nose.  His naïve and pure nature gives us warmth and hope.  Inspired by the boar, the hair mimics a hill.  This is a metaphor of the hotel and Mt. Ali interlinked.  The tone in brown and beige is for fun.  The boar symbolizing the positive personality and robust volition and vitality of the indigenous people signifies comfort, warmth and sweetness of the hotel.  The energy is fully charged during the trip.  Please slow down and watch closely to gain what the tour has brought to you.  In the future, the artworks of the new designers in Taiwan are to be placed to make the global visitors savor the design power of Taiwan in the hotel.

 There are 71 cozy guestrooms.  The lively style and characteristic paintings in the space with the woody tone deliver a warm and plain touch.  The lighting projected amazes and pleases the eyes.  A composed purified feel is given to the visitors.  The triple or family room type fits the group of friends or the whole family.  The specific room type with one garage in the room fits the family traveling by car.  The hotel on Daya Rd. is accessible.  The nearby scenic spots are attractive, including the first sunlight of Mt. Ali, the poetic Lan Pond Moonlight, Centennial Chiayi Park with historical relics and various delicacies and specialties.  The specific sensation makes you savor the beauty of Chiayi.



43-inch or 55-inch LED TV

Free cable / Wi-Fi wideband

Adjustable central air conditioning system

Plural foreign and domestic satellite channels

Multimedia outlet

DIY coffee, tea and electric tea kettle


Hair dryer

Private e-safe

Separate shower room and bathtub

*The business tax is included in the room price. 10% the service fee is charge additionally.

* Check-in time: From 15:00 (03:00 p.m.). Check-out time: By 12:00 (noon)

Room type

Standard: 1 double bed / 2 single beds, 10 pings


Triple: 1 double bed + 1 single bed, 11 pings


Economical: 2 single beds, 5 pings


Family basic: 2 double beds, 12 pings


Garage standard: 1 double bed / 2 single beds, 13 pings


Family deluxe: 2 double beds, 20 pings


Garage superior: 1 double bed / 2 single beds, 20 pings


Garage deluxe: 1 double bed / 2 single beds, 26 pings


Suite: 1 double bed / 2 single beds, 34 pings


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23°28'48.88560" N 120°29'4.37640" E
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