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Magic Friends Yogurt
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When delicious yogurt meets fresh fruits, the colorful wonderful flavors quietly spread in Chiayi. Fresh and handmade fruit yogurt without pigment is the insistence of the owner KE, BO-REN for the family and the customers. When he changed his career in the middle age, his old job had nothing to do with the food industry. But with the intentions to make food for his dearest wife and family, he began the journey of sweet and sour.

Because his wife liked to eat fruits, KE, BO-REN contacted his relatives who were fruit farmers and opened a Juice shop. He used local fresh ingredients and the most natural and simple method and everything was without artificial flavoring and pigment. He gradually developed a lot of healthy new products, like fruit jam and dried fruits. Later, he developed the fresh fruit yogurt which was colorful, fresh-flavor and rich fruity flavor. This was totally a dream product with incredible multiple levels. At the beginning, Chiayi people were not able to accept the taste of yogurt, so KE, BO-RENKE, came door-to-door, he personally visited various campuses and companies in Chiayi to promote the product with free samples. From the feedbacks of the customers, he gradually learned to adjust the recipes to let the sourness of the yoghurt become mild, and this made everyone fall in love after tasting. The yoghurt gained popularity gradually, and it used to be the supporting role in the store, but it is the big star in the store now. 

Handmade yoghurt has got the certification from SGS, and the fresh and delicious yoghurt comes from the persistence of checking on the source of the ingredients. He works with dairy farmers under contract production to make sure the quality and the flavor of the milk meet the demands. This year he hires some small farmers to grow Roselle under contract production and the seeds of Roselle were actually grown by himself last year. He provides the information about the source of the ingredients and the making process, and this let the customers not only enjoy the products with peace of mind, but also feel the intention of the owner. In 2017 and 2018, Magic Friends Yogurt were qualified for participating Foodex Japan which is the largest food exhibition in Asia. KE, BO-REN wants to use the local flavor of Taiwan to show the world the most beautiful original intention of yogurt.

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