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The boutique leisure motel with the unique taste and chic sleek style ran the business on Dec. 20, 2005.

The motel opposite to Nanshan Life Insurance on Zhongxiao Rd., Chiayi City able to be accessed in 7 minutes by car nearby the municipal cultural center, Kitamon Eki of the Alishan railway, botanic garden, Chiayi Park the leisure scenic spots supplies fine lodging with the affordable price to the visitors for a business trip or on vacation.  

The motel was invested and built by a group of intellects fond of art.  The administration in pursuit of advancing the class and perfection of the motel in Taiwan has made the leisure motel registered and lawful.  The motel secures the separate fine and fancy suite with the affordable price for sharing our dedication with more visitors.

The furnishings including one HD LG 42-inch PDP, Germany VB prime bathroomware, European imported silk curtain, Italian artworks, Southeastern Asian garden are meant to make you privileged in lodging or resting.


The look is magnificent and chic.  There are 30 kinds of exotic fancy suites in 6 theme which are prime lodging for sure.  This is a paradise for you to reward yourself, release your stress and enjoy your life.  In addition, there are 20 6-star business suites for business travelers.  To meet the demand for business affairs, we not only offer the indoor parking lot for safety, free internet access, facsimile and one small convention room.  The refined space design blended with art is the best option for you to remove your fatigue and recharge your energy.  To secure your health and dining quality, we hire the culinary instructors in charge of breakfast in the oriental and western style for offering the visitors a neat and tidy restaurant in a cozy warm at-home mood.  We assure the high quality of taste and class and thus expect to see you feel our commitment and deliberation in person.

The visitors can access the motel nearby the municipal cultural center in 7 minutes by car as going down off Chiayi Interchange of Dr. Sun Yat-sen Freeway (National Highway No. 1).

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