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I-wood village
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9103 UpdatedDate:110-12-07

The three little pigs in the fairy tale traveled through time to the present and became the six little pigs at I-wood village on Wenhua Rd. As they lead the way, the tourists can experience the fairy tale world of I-wood village: to know the beautiful world of the Taiwan cypress. 

The predecessor of I-wood village was Shunyi wood industry, and it has been opening for over half century in Chiayi. When the business passed down to the second generation, in order to continue the possibilities of wood industry development, YAN, WEI-DE and his wife continuously communicated with the elders of the family. From the very beginning, the idea to set up I-wood village was not appreciated and understood. It took exactly three years to gain recognition and affirmation and they finally opened I-wood village. They hope that through this space, more people can learn about the use of wood, the mysteries of trees in nature and the course of wood industry development. This does not only find the way out for the wood industry, but the bigger intention also helps the tourists to keep their memory for the wood. 

Relying on this original intention, from interior decoration designs, creative copywriting to designing the space, YAN, WEI-DE and his wife took care of everything. They also specially planned interactive game zone and DIY wood art session. They hope that everyone who comes here can have happy memories and records, and this is the place for edutainment.  

Apart from having fun, you have to try the signature food of I-wood village: the Taiwan cypress eggs and the fruit popsicles. The Taiwan cypress eggs are not the same with the ordinary tea eggs. In addition to the secret recipe of traditional Chinese medicine, they also add Taiwan cypress to boil the eggs, which is not only healthy and delicious, but also has a touch of Taiwan cypress fragrance. As for the ingredients using to make the fruit popsicles are only fruits and milk. The owners insist on not adding any emulsifiers or other additives. It’s not only the tourists can enjoy the food with peace of mind, but this will preserve the most primitive fruit tastes.

Even though I-wood village is an up-and-coming youngster, but it is constantly improving. It has only opened for 5 years, but the number of tourists has continued to climb. They are thinking about planning adult craft class in the future. With such hard work, we believe that within a short period of time I-wood village will continue to surprise us.

Recommended Meal: the Taiwan cypress eggs and the fruit popsicles

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