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Chung Cheng Park
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The Best Outdoor Theater in the City

Chung Cheng Park was originally the office of Hoanya’s Jhuluoshan Tribe. In the Qing Dynasty, this site was used as an outdoor military training field, and during the Japanese Colonial Period, the park became a public assembly hall, which boasted the largest cafeteria in Taiwan with a capacity to serve 1000 people simultaneously. In the Republican era, the clubhouse was renamed as Chungshan Hall and redesigned into a recreational club with a golf course and a library. "Evening Drum of Clubhouse" was one of the Chiayi Eight Wonders. Though the park is not large, and it is home to a cluster of sculptures. One of the most famous sculptures would be the statue of the late City Magistrate, known as Mazu of Chiayi, Dr. Xu Shi-Xian.

Construction of Chung Cheng Park was completed in 1989. An outdoor music theater boasts a stage of 2000cm in width and 1670cm in depth. It is an arch-style open-air theater with 600 seats and dressing rooms in the basement. The underground car park solves the parking problem for the best outdoor performance facility in city center. The small exhibition hall inside of the park is a venue for regular arts and cultural activities. The architecture was designed in a highly artistic style; when the lights are turned on at night, the park is lit up with a European-style artistic atmosphere.

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