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Kap Kap Cha Kee
Classic cuisine
925 UpdatedDate:110-12-03

Char Siu and Chicken Steak Double Combo with Rice
Kap Kap Cha Kee is the first brand of Hong Kong-style pineapple bun with butter that serve creative dishes in Taiwan. With high-quality ingredients, desserts and creativity, it brings customers an unforgettable taste of Hong Kong-style dishes. Char Siu and Chicken Steak Double Combo with Rice are made with high-quality Taiwanese ingredients. You can enjoy two excellent dishes in one order.

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23°28'48.82800" N 120°27'7.30800" E
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Saturday Days Off
  • Saturday Days Off
  • Friday 11:30 ~ 18:00
  • Thursday 11:30 ~ 18:00
  • Wednesday 11:30 ~ 18:00
  • Tuesday 11:30 ~ 18:00
  • Monday 11:30 ~ 18:00
  • Sunday Days Off
Telephone No. 2270300
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