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In 2009, Typhoon Morakot damaged a lot of places in Taiwan, including Ruifeng Village of Chiayi, the hometown of YEH, YU-CHEN. At that time, she was thinking that I wanted to do something for my hometown.   

After the typhoon, YU-CHEN went back home, she began to consider how to let more people know about this little village, and how to let tea lovers know the unique flavor of Ruifeng tea. In 2014, YU-CHEN and her sister-in-law HSING-YUAN set up MAIN TANG CO., LTD. in the downtown of Chiayi City and all the teas sold in the store are from Ruifeng Village and also part of Alishan Tea.

In the store there are numerous kinds of teas which have repeatedly won the tea competitions at home and abroad are all from Ruifeng Village and all teas have been strictly selected by YU-CHEN. They hope that customers or tourists who come to the store will be able to learn about the diversity of Alishan tea through tasting and introducing of the place of origin. In addition, in order to teach everyone how to make good tea easily, they provide a brief introduction about how to brew tea in three different languages, Chinese, English and Japanese. Young and lovely package and bilingual introduction services, Chinese and English, make Main Tang become the best place to buy Alishan tea at home and abroad.

Except for selling good quality teas, Main Tang also combines the power of the Ruifeng community to hold rural experience activities from time to time. They hope customers can come to the hometown of first prize tea and experience the heavy and complicated process of tea plucking, tea firing, tea panning and tea making. In the quiet bamboo forest, you can sip fragrant good tea in the nature.

「MAN」(滿) means wonderful and solid, and「TANG」(棠) means people who travel away from home think about their hometown. The logo of Main Tang is the symbolic Blue Magpie of Tsou Tribe. You can see the elegant flying Blue Magpie figure on every product in the store, this also represents the deep and firm feelings that YU-CHEN has for her hometown. If you have the opportunity, just come here enjoy this sweet and pure beauty together. 

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