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HOTEL HI is exceptional.

The location in downtown accessible to all directions by all kinds of transportation methods meets your demand for all fun: savoring the local delicacies, probing the local customs, visiting the hot scenic spots and enjoying shopping, letting you savor Chiayi amply!

Fancy and devoted HOTEL HI

The avant-garde chic mood of each corner is brought to each visitor.  The high-class amenities bring the overnight sensation to you.  Each visitor is valued with the most sincere services and creative energy for full satisfaction of body, mind and soul.

Committed HOTEL HI

HI means committed and welcome to our world to feel this power!

HOTEL HI Chiayi was launched in May, 2012.  There are 107 lawful guestrooms.  The creativity is our inspiration.  Each corner is meant to relax and soothe you.  Each guestroom with the fancy modern touch is spacious and well equipped.  The business travelers and the visitors on vacation can savor the tour.  The buffet with the oriental and western cuisine made with the seasonal ingredients in Chiayi is fine and nice.  The buffet cooked by the chef on the very day charges you with energy and makes you enjoy the meal accompanied by the modern furnishings and the French casement window along with sunshine and music.

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