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Man Guan Tea Garden
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In the era of increasing handmade drink stores, most people like to have a cup of tea that is fast and easy to carry. People often forget the fact that a good cup of tea takes time to brew.

FAN, YI-CHEN of Man Guan Tea Garden knows very well about the fact. Therefore, she open Man Guan Tea Garden at Wenhua Rd. in 2014, because she wants to personally brew the tea that she makes for the customers. YI-CHEN thinks that providing a platform of face-to-face communication is the most important thing for drinking tea. By presenting the whole process of brewing tea, customers can understand the aroma, taste and characteristics of every tea in the shop. For example, the natural fruity of honey scented Oolong Tea has a hint of elegant honey scent. The tea liquid of Green Tip Oolong is rich, but once you taste it, it will become a fresh and smooth spring. As the climate varies from season to season, the same tea will change its flavor according to the weather change. There are all kinds of stories she can tell the customers during the brewing time of a couple pots of tea. Therefore, to serve a group of guests usually needs more than an hour, but YI-CHEN is happy to be there. She says, the time to receive guests has piled up to become the biggest gain after she opened the store.

The tea of Man Guan Tea Garden doesn’t pursue gorgeous packing. YI-CHEN insists that everything is under her supervision, from tea cultivation, tea harvesting, tea roasting, tea packing to sale. The total items sent to SGS for examination were 457 items in 2017. The quality of tea is what YI-CHEN cares most.

There was a Korean who had been working in Taiwan for ten years and came to Man Guan Tea Garden with his secretary. Every time he drank a new tea, he told his secretary what he wanted the tea for: breakfast, lunch or dinner. The tea of Man Guan Tea Garden fulfils his important needs in tea in his daily life. The tea drinking attitude of this Korean is in agreement with the concept of “Tea for life” that YI-CHEN wants to promote. These carefully cultivated Alishan teas are waiting for us to look for them, and hoping one day they will become the important guests to fulfil those moments in our life.

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