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The hotel is accessible in 3 minutes on foot to Chiayi Train Station in Chiayi City the biggest town nearby Alishan famous to the world.  The hotel is the best option for business travelers and tourists.  

The 8-story detached building is soundproof.

The fireproof furnishings meet the firefighting ordinance.

The high-amount accident insurance policy is bought.

Lodging is secured.

A parking lot is available.

The visitors can access the rustic mood with the garden in the front yard.

A calm feel in a busy zone is the best option for leisure and tourism.

By car 

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Freeway (National Highway No. 1) → Go down at Chiayi Interchange → County Line 159 (Beigang Rd.) → Line 159 A (Mintzu Rd.) → (Turn left) Simen St. → Chiayi Crown Hotel

Formosa Freeway (National Highway No. 3) → Go down at Chungpu (Zhongpu) Interchange → Toward Chiayi City → (Turn right) Wufeng S. Rd. → (Turn left) Shuiyang 

Rd. → (Turn right) Ren-ai Rd. → (Turn right) Mintzu Rd. → (Turn left) Simen St. → Chiayi Crown Hotel

By train & on foot

From the train station → Go straight on Chungshan Rd. → Turn right at Simen St. 

Entrance (Changrong Police Station) →Turn left at Chungshan Rd. →Chiayi Crown 


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23°28'15.88080" N 120°26'38.34240" E
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