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The hotel at the intersection of Chungshan
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The hotel at the intersection of Chungshan (Zhongshan) Rd. and Xinrong Rd. enabling the visitors to walk to Chiayi Train Station in 5 minutes easily accessible in central Chiayi nearby downtown where there are Chiayi Train Station and Carnival Cinema on foot in one minute, specialty stores, fashion shops and Wenhua Rd. Night Market in the neighborhood letting the visitors enjoy the local cuisine, shopping and film appreciation.The hotel designed finely by the top designer in the refined style with cozy and fine spaces and sweet and warm services makes you feel at home.

The present parking lot is too limited to contain all the cars, so we prepare a nearby parking lot for our guests if necessary:

The Taiho Clinic parking lot on Xinrong Rd. one kilometer from the hotel.  Please place your luggage and make your guests wait at the hotel and park your car by following the shuttle bus.  You can access your car by the shuttle bus at any point.

Pardon for inconvenience.

There are one club, one lounge, one big convention hall, one western restaurant and one big parking lot.  Access to the internet is available.  The considerate services in the fancy lounge fit business talks or leisure.  The convention hall with the capacity up to 40 persons fits business meetings.  The high-quality considerate services are the best for receptions, leisure and lodging.The exquisite room types include deluxe suites and various single, twin/double and quadruple guestrooms.The top facilities, cozy refined style and sweet services make the visitors easy breezy.  The sound room service makes you feel at home.

By train

Southward or northward train number → Chiayi City Train Station → Chungshan (Zhongshan) Rd. → Turn left 50 meters on Xinrong Rd.

By bus

A sound traffic network comprised of Chiayi Bus Terminal (2 minutes away on foot from the hotel) and King Bus and U Bus in front of the hotel is available and there are some scenic spots in the neighborhood. 

By car

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Freeway (National Highway No. 1):

Off Chiayi Interchange → Beigang Rd. and turn right to Yo-ai Rd. → Pass Chiahsiung Overpass and go straightforward on Mintzu Rd. and turn left to Xinrong Rd. → Pass Chungshan (Zhongshan) Rd. and 50 meters on the right side 

Formosa Freeway (National Highway No. 3):

Northward: Chungpu (Zhongpu) Interchange (Toward Chiayi City) → To Daiyi Rd. → Turn left at Mito Rd. till Shuiyang Rd. → Turn right at Xinrong Rd. and go straightforward 

Southward: Chuchi Interchange (Toward Chiayi City) → To Linshen Rd. → Turn left at Xinrong Rd.

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23°28'48.13392" N 120°26'38.96160" E
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