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Ming Shiang Tea Shop
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In 1978, because of his strong interest in tea, CHEN, CHIEN-HUNG resolutely said goodbye to his job as a wood-carving master and opened Ming Shiang Tea Shop. In the era of information underdeveloped, 28-year-old CHEN, CHIEN-HUNG took three years to find books, documents, and consulted tea farmer friends. He explored alone and learned the knowledge and techniques of " tea firing." 

 “After opening the shop, because I didn’t know how to sell tea in the first three years, the situation was really bad.” CHEN, CHIEN-HUNG said with a smile. The only thing supported him was his passion for tea. Because of this passion, in 2008, CHEN, CHIEN-HUNG read a paper wrote by Prof. 曾志正 of NCHU Graduate Institute of Biotechnology, and he immediately used a hair pencil and wrote a sincere self-recommended article to Prof. TSENG, CHIH-CHENG.  Prof. TSENG, CHIH-CHENG called next day and invited CHEN, CHIEN-HUNG for a meeting in Taichung, and this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. By the collaboration between industry and school, Prof. TSENG, CHIH-CHENG provided the knowledge and CHEN, CHIEN-HUNG provided the technique, and it took them six years to cooperatively develop the representative product of the shop, Tzen oolong tea. In the past, the old tea needs six years to roast, and these two men shortened the time to two years. They use Green Tip Oolong to make Tzen oolong tea which has lot of teaghrelin and gallic acid and is good for human body. Without caffeine and stimulating elements, Tzen oolong tea is gentle and not hurting the stomach.  

Ming Shiang Tea Shop was renovated in 2017, and now when you come into the shop, the whole space is bright and clean. With a simple and elegant Japanese style, every tea in the shop is roasted by CHEN, CHIEN-HUNG. In the tea-firing season, he has to stay by the fire eight hours a day for 20 days to make an ideal good tea. CHEN, CHIEN-HUNG is dedicated and loyal to tea, because he does not treat tea as a product for sale, but as an art. He incorporates the art with his own life, and all these become many good pots of tea full of essence of years.

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