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Sun Island Café
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Because of some kind of lucky chance, Sun Island Café was born ignorant in 1979. In   

Sun Island Café, you can hear the history of the evolution of Taiwanese beverage business, taste freshly roasted coffee and appreciate the changes of the times with them. This is the classic of Chiayi and it is also a symbol of continuous progress.

The owner WU, YI-CHENG recalls that more than 30 years ago when he entered the coffee roasting business, at that time, few people really knew the art of coffee. He stayed on because of his own love and vision, especially he had experienced a period of prevalence of bubble tea. However, because he did the business of raw materials for coffee and beverages at that time and took the chance to Innovate and transform, now Sun Island Café has become an outlet for general merchandise of coffee, food and drink.  

When we talked about all these, I believe many stories of the Chiayi people took place here, and a cup of coffee has accompanied the wonderful memories of many Chiayi people.

After more than 30 years of professional experience, you can say that WU, YI-CHENG is the master of coffee roasting in Chiayi. All the coffee bean on the shelf must be freshly roasted within 7 days, and the raw materials and brewing appliances are all selected and checked by WU, YI-CHENG. Here is not only a place where sells coffee, but also a space to share and taste coffee. High Ceiling, spacious and bright store, it makes everyone come here talking to each other happily and sipping the true feelings.

In recent years, Sun Island Café has led the trend of local coffee culture and provided various kinds of teaching courses. He hopes to help small farmers in Chiayi to invest in their own roasting technology, brand packaging, and marketing management. He wants to work with the small farmer with a common goal to expand the entire coffee culture industry in Chiayi together. Coffee aesthetics sharing conferences are held irregularly scheduled, and treat coffee like tea ceremony as an art. Using various kinds of exquisite coffee appliances to brew coffee is also the art of life of every coffee craftsman. Coffee combines vision, smell, taste, and literary intrinsic enjoyment. When coffee run through your throat, you can taste a touch of rich and mellow moistness in your mouth, and this is also the memory of life of Chiayi people.

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