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Health Symbiosis with Nature
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In 1989, because of pregnancy TENG, SHU-LING who was living in the united states at that time can’t eat greasy and salty food, she started her research and development in baking. After she went back Taiwan, a lot of food safety incidents happened. She decided to open Health Baking Studio and offer the pre-order and delivery service of wild yeast bread.    

TENG, SHU-LING insisted her bread have to be 100% natural and using ingredients in season. Because she worried that semi-finished goods might have some food additives, so she made the fillings by herself and visited small farmers to make sure the quality of the materials. The way that TENG, SHU-LING makes bread is to use natural sourdough yeast and ferment in low temperature for long time. Without using any artificial additives, the bread will have natural flavor and texture. Every bread in her studio is healthy and regimen and has gone through more than 40 hours of making process. Due to the affirmation of the customers to Health Baking Studio, in 2014, she finally opened the brick-and-mortar store. In order to improve product quality, Health Symbiosis with Nature passed the ISO 9001 certification in 2016.

Although making wild yeast bread is complicated and time-consuming and often affected by the climate, the recognition and support from the customers let SHU-LING Insist on her original intention. Natural and healthy regimen bread is the best choice for many people who love fitness and focus on health care. Especially for the patients of hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia or hypertension, this bread is also attractive, because eating SHU-LING’s bread does not have any feeling of bloating and discomfort.

Because SHU-LING is fascinated with fermented food, she also researches and develops fermented glutinous rice and tempeh. The new products are coming soon, including fermented gardenia glutinous rice, fermented gardenia and fermented passion fruits.  

On the wall of Health Symbiosis with Nature is the painting of magical forests and spirits, it symbolizes that every bread in the store is full of “healthy” and “creative” magic. Once you taste it, the little sour taste and 100% natural ingredients are the magic to make a healthier stomach.

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