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2088 UpdatedDate:110-10-15

Dear Alber,

It’s been three long years.  Do you remember the tea urn sealed with me under the cherry tree in Alishan?  Do you recollect the elegant scent of cherry blossoms blended in tea and the cup of old tea baked by Longan chips in one summer afternoon?  I am back in your town again.  Walking on the streets you have been and viewing the scenery you have seen.  Will this bring me closer to you?

Spring paints the mountains with greens and cherry blossoms.  The tea and my thought for you grow fonder over time.  The laid-back town, tranquil mountains and remote clouds and you are alike, sometimes composed sometimes naughty and changeable.

How have you been there?  I recollect the fine winter tea we shared together. 

 We have made a promise to meet here when the tea urn is opened.  Let me prepare a pot of tea filled with my thought for you and share it with you at that point.

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