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8760 UpdatedDate:110-12-07

In the mid-summer of 2014, a modern image studio incompatible with the old street and the traditional industry was open at NITON of Chiyi tacitly.  Unlike the plain folk in here, it is BLAXK the image studio.  A group of youngsters with the Crow as the mascot launched an alternative wedding image studio here.  They manage to build an avant-garde wedding image studio owning the old soul by skillfully arranging a conversation between the old house built 60 years ago and the style of industrial design.  They plan the partitions by reserving the original architectural structure.

This is just like how they accomplish their job.  They expect to render the new soul to the old town by design, MV making, expo holding and wedding photo shooting.

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23°28'43.39452" N 120°26'53.25936" E
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Friday 13:00 ~ 22:00
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  • Friday 13:00 ~ 22:00
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Telephone No. 2255169
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