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Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park
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One of the Top Five Creative Parks in the Nation


Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park, situated right by the Chiayi Train Station, was the oldest kaoliang brewery in Taiwan. It was famed as "the home of white wine". Chiayi Brewery was founded in 1916, and the operation was relocated to Minsiong Industrial Park in 1982. A tremendous amount of production machinery and facilities were left behind, including the bottle-washing machine, barrels, conveyor belts, chimney, rice storage, and weighing machines. They are the witness to the brewery history. Among the structures in the Brewery Park, seven have been classified as city historic landmarks, and a series of renovation work has been planned for commencement by the end of this year. The 53m-tall chimney is one of the landmarks of Chiayi City.


Chiayi Brewery is one of the five creative parks planned by the Council of Cultural Affairs. Because it is located in the central region of Chiayi City's commercial and cultural center, it is deemed as the starting point of the city's cultural and historical development. A stream of cultural sites will be linked to form a web of arts and cultural development, including the old Cigarette & Wine Monopoly (city historical landmark), Chiayi Train Station (city historical landmark), Railway Artist Village, Bamboo Craft Plant (industrial architecture), the Cultural Center, Yinglin Club (city historical landmark), Pei Men Railroad Station of Mt. Ali (city historical landmark), and Chiayi Old Prison (city historical landmark), and the Chiayi Creative Culture Park (Chiayi Brewery) will be the largest and brightest star in the constellation.

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