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Chiayi Museum
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Chiayi City in Depth

The Chiayi City Museum, located inside of the Cultural Center Park, is the authoritative agency for the collection, study, exhibition, and education of Chiayi City historical relics. Permanent exhibitions are housed in the Geology Hall, Fossil Hall, and Chen Cheng-Po Memorial Hall, and three special spaces are reserved for rotating exhibitions. There is also a Koji pottery workshop and classroom for learning sessions.

The Chiayi City Museum focuses on three subjects-"ecology, fossils, and art" and conducts studies of the changes in and scientific definitions of phenomena occurring in the Tropic of Cancer Zone, including the mountainous activities and earthquakes in Chiayi area. The Hall of Fine Art has a zone dedicated to pioneer artist Chen Cheng-Po, as well as a zone for exhibitions of contemporary fine arts. The Fossil Hall exhibits fossils of the sea and land unearthed in the Chiayi area.

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