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The visitors can access the hotel in the busy train station shopping zone in Chiayi City opposite to Chiayi Train Station.

There are Carnival Cinemas and McDonald’s in the same building.

Nearby Wenhua Rd. Night Market, Cashbox KTV, bookstore, hair salon, café, Mercuries Beef Noodles, SUBWAY

Handiness, accessibility, dining, shopping and fun in Chiayi city and County are available to those for business trips or on vacation.

The visitors can access the Alishan forest for the sunrise, the sea of clouds, the forest train and Yoshino Sakura (Japanese cherry) blooming in spring.

The visitors can enjoy the sea and savor the fresh seafood at Dongshih Fisherman’s Wharf.

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23°28'41.58840" N 120°26'29.10480" E
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