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Sun-Shooting Tower
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The One and Only in Taiwan- The Chiayi Tower, Unimaginable Even by Mythological Heroes 

Chiayi Tower is one of the most representative new landmarks of Chiayi City. Looking up from the ground of Chiayi Park, you will see a gigantic Bauhinia blooming against the blue sky. It is the flower of Chiayi City, displaying its beauty under the sunlight on top of the Chiayi Tower.

This spherical architecture, adorned by the Bauhinia roof, was the old site of the Martyrs’ Shrine. Rising 62 meters above the ground, the best views of Jhuluo are encased in the window panes of the 10th and 11th floors. 

The entrance is guarded by a pair of the symbolic "Guardians of Taiwan", clouded leopards. The bottom level is the monument of the original Martyrs’ Shrine, where the plaques of the martyrs are carved into the marble monument. From the second floor and above is the so-called Chiayi Tower. This architectural design broke through architectural limitations and is injected with the elements of cultural and arts to shed the stereotype images of a traditional Martyrs’ Shrine.

The Exterior of the Tower

Design of this tower was inspired by the giant scared tree in Alishan. The brown aluminum pattern mimics the wood grain of the tree, and the center is left with a 40m-high skyline to symbolize the crack in the center of the giant sacred tree. The top story is a café and view terrace. Great views and fine gourmet foods are served here.

The Interior of the Tower

The bronze sculpture in the interior is inspired by the "Shooting the Sun" legend of the indigenous people. This sculpture, made of bonze 6mm in thickness, stands 24 m high and expands to 3 m wide. This beautiful legend sings and praises the heritage of humanity. It is a touching and educational story

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23°28'52.86000" N 120°28'8.58000" E
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