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11256 UpdatedDate:110-10-15

The motel ranging over 600 pings as the only lawful log cabin motel in Chiayi City mainly designed in the European style that includes the European architecture characteristics full of a thick exotic touch making the visitors as if in a foreign resort.

There are many scenic spots nearby the motel including the Art Site of CHiayi Railway Warehouse, the Tobacco and Wince Board, the Stones Data Museum (closed) and Chungcheng (Zhongzheng) Park.  They are essential tourist venues to the visitors in Chiayi.

Lodging in the motel not only releases stress in the busy modern life but also calm the tired body and mind; moreover, the motel offers the sweet sincere services in addition to a mindset, a life-savoring attitude, making you away from the urban noises, free of stress and roaming in natural heaven.

The green landscape and the European log cabin in the breeze manage a resort touch visually since we build a new leisure culture for urban resident expecting the busy urban residents to enjoy freedom and comfort in free time freely and sense the quality services given by IVY MOTEL.


There are 28 fine suites (log cabins).  The suite decorated with log in the entresol style and the high-tech human-oriented equipment manages a graceful and tranquil but cozy and warm feel.  In addition to the unique suites, there are one atrium garden with natural landscapes and the grass-planting-brick double lane.  The nature-inspired landscape design is a feature indeed.  The prime lodging quality and elegant settings let the visitors enjoy coziness and easiness as if at home.


Dr. Sun Yat-sen Freeway (National Highway No. 1) and go down at Chiayi Interchange → Beigang Rd. and turn left at Shisian Rd. → Turn right at Shiwei Rd. → IVY MOTEL

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23°29'16.91160" N 120°25'37.90200" E
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