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The villa is accessible in all directions since the venue is on Yushan Rd., Chiayi City next to downtown and Chia-Le-Fu Night Market and Wenhua Rd. Night Market, and 5 minutes to Chiayi Train Station.  The custom guestroom is the fruit blending the elegant taste of the resort hotel and the chic deluxe of the motel.  The full range of facilities and services like restaurant, café, meeting room, mahjong room and self laundry are available for the at-home feel.  The mental relaxation is available to the group tourists, business travelers and youngsters.  We are the top option for you to stay in Chiayi.

We are expecting your visit.

Check-in time: 15:30 (03:30 p.m.) of the day

Check-out time: Noon (00:00 p.m.) of the next day


By car     

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Freeway (National Highway No. 1) → Go down at Chiayi Interchange toward Beigang Rd. → Go straight → Yozhong Rd. → Turn right and go straight → Yushan Rd. (10 min)

By train

Chiayi Train Station (rear) (Chungshin Rd.) → Turn left at Sec. 2, Bo-ai Rd. and go straight to Yushan Rd. (15 minutes on foot)

Room type

Twin (2 single beds)

Family (1 double bed and 2 single beds)

Queen / Quad (2 double beds)

King / Double (VIP) (1 double bed)


32-inch HD LED TV

Separate Wi-Fi / Free cable access

Separate toilet and shower room

 The family room type offers the bath pool

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23°28'26.86800" N 120°25'35.09760" E
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Telephone No. 05-2367888
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