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Lantan Moon Shadow
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Lantan covers an area of about 70 hectares and is located near Shanziding in the eastern outskirts of Chiayi City and it is 3 kilometers away from the urban area. Its ancient name was “Red Hair Pond”: tradition has it that it was excavated by the Dutch 300 years ago, so it was called the "Holland Pond", and since the Dutch have red hair, it was nicknamed the "Red Hair Pond". It is the main source of running water supply in Chiayi area, with a vast hinterland. As a natural ecological resource, the mountain behind the scenic area is rich in natural resources, including a variety of different plants and insects, and is a famous tourist attraction in the Chiayi area.

The Moon Shadow is a new touristic highlight completed recently, located in what is known as the back garden of Chiayi City: Lantan Scenic Area. It was created by the artist Wang Wen-chi: it is a thematic structure with engraved hollows made out of aluminum sheets. Under the moonlight, it creates an illusion of lights and shadows; it has a unique beauty and a graceful appearance. It seems like a bird’s nest built on top of a lake, it echoes the presence of the birds in the surrounding trees, thus in perfect harmony with nature. The design uses natural elements such as the moon and the water, and the name plays with Chinese words to convey sentiments of intimacy, beauty, and reverie. It is like being in a painting with the reflection of the moon. The bottom part is made of ceramics, on top of it there is the image of a round pond from which water trickles down, resembling an endless stream of water, stretching out a colorful dream. The top part of the bird’s nest in the middle recalls a peach, taozi in Chinese, because Tao city was the ancient name of Chiayi City. The tree nests on the side stand tall and upright like a turkey’s tail, which symbolizes the local delicacy turkey rice. It can be said that Moon Shadow merges into the cultural and touristic peculiarities of Chiayi City.

When you step on the structure and you look outside through the hollows that characterize the bird’s nest, it’s like being catapulted in the literary work “Yueyang Building”, more specifically it recalls the scene when the protagonist goes upstairs and looks at everything beneath. You can visit Moon Shadow during daytime, nighttime, when it rains, and when it is a sunny day; each time you will see a different view and experience different emotions. At nighttime, the beauty is created by the variations of the lighting. It is a nice recreational spot for people to go to at night.

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