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Beisianhu Park in Chiayi City ranging 25.26 hectares smaller than Chiayi Park is the second large park in Chiayi City with the positioning as a forestry cultural theme park.  Beisianhu Park reproduces Beihu Hesian (lotus scent in northern lake) one of Tsulo 8 Scenes documented in the literature of Ching Dynasty, so there are Beisian Lake and all kinds of plants including over 2,000 shrubs and over 70,000 arbors.  Sianhu Park along with Bo-ai Park and Beizihtou Botanic Garden as the biggest greenery land in West District consists the urban lung of Chiayi.  This is home of Sungfeng Pavilion (Pine Wind Kiosk), Cherry Blossom Forest, Beizihtou Botanic Garden and Grass-slope Landscape Zone.  The visitors can enjoy leisure hours here.

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