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Chiayi City Century-Old Tree – Banyan King Wanling Temple (Temple of a Thousand Souls)
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In Chiayi City there is a century-old banyan tree, its age can be estimated to be around 200 years. It is located near the Liu family tomb in Chiayi City. It is deferently referred to as the old banyan tree of Wanling Gong: wanling in Chinese means one thousand souls or spirits. Its tree shape resembles a large umbrella.

Many people visit Wanling Gong Temple which is always full of incense and of visiting crowds. The divinities will grant whatever is asked. In the winter of 1976 the management committee of Wanling Gong Temple was established. Mr. Chen Jinzhong was elected chairman of the committee; he actively raised funds and put in order the surrounding environment. He re-planned the construction of the building, with octagonal pavilions, fish ponds, Changchun clubs, paving of asphalt roads. There were many other volunteers in charge of the services. Together, they rejuvenated the environment surrounding the old banyan tree. When the former mayor of Chiayi City, Chang Po-ya, inspected the place, she conferred it the title of “Jhuluo Banyan King”.

Jhuluo Banyan Tree is spectacular. The crown of the tree covers an area of approximately 1,000 square meters. The lateral branches are tall and straight, the vertical ones support the main trunk and continue to grow side by side. With the efforts of the government and the residents, they have created a shaded and cool place, which also provides children with a playground area. It is a good place for people of all ages.

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