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Fir Pond beside of Cultural Center
Natural ecosystem
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During the Japanese Colonial Era, development of the timber industry in the Alishan area brought surging population, as well as prosperity, to Chiayi City. Thus, Chiayi city became the logistic center of Taiwan's timber. The site of today's Chiayi City Cultural Center housed the largest "Fir Pond " in East Asia at the Time. 

After the Alishan Railway was completed, a pond was built to store the logged timber. Most of the timber was cypress; therefore, it was also called the "Cypress Pond". Trees were planted around the pond, and breezes waft the scent of Cypress to soothe the mind of leisurely fishermen. It is indeed one of the best recreational spaces in the city. Chiayi City Department of Cultural Affairs has been hosting an array of arts and cultural events to promote the sights and sounds of Chiayi, aiming to bring the city residents into the lifestyle of arts and culture and encourage public participation.

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