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Harmony Coffee & Tea
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If you don’t look very carefully, it is easy to miss Harmony Coffee & Tea on Zhongshan Rd. This is a little coffee shop with unobtrusive appearance, but once you’re inside the café, you can feel the warm greetings from the owners and the ease of the guests. The owner’s wife LIN, PEI-YU who is called Er-Jie (the second oldest sister) by the customers says this is what they want customers to feel. They want to create an atmosphere of family and friends, that’s why they named the café Harmony. They hope every customer can blend into the harmony atmosphere and feel the warmness & friendliness of the people.

At the beginning, the café is a franchise coffee shop and most of their customers are the members from small families. A few years later they opened their own café, and for the past 16 years the composition of the customers has not changed. “A lot of customers have been with us for a long time.” The expression in LIN, PEI-YU’s eyes shows her appreciation. “Most of our customers are regular customers and the new customers are no more than 30%. But once they come here, they will soon become regular customers.” She says proudly. Indeed, the coffee beans that used in the café are carefully selected and roasted by owner HUANG, WEI-SHUEN, and all the ingredients are checked by LIN, PEI-YU before the desserts and the light meals are made. She used to work at the hospital for many years, so she wants the customers to have the healthy food. They pay attention to details and do all the things by themselves, no wonder they can have so many customers.  

Although they will also customize their products according to the needs of customers, however, the most recommended product in the café is the pour over coffee. Especially the signature drink “cold drip coffee Kano” is born of the movie “Kano”. LIN, PEI-YU uses the name of the movie to name the drink and the concept of the baseball to design the drink. Nine coffee ice balls represent nine players, and the round cup represent the baseball field. When she pours the milk in, milk will combine coffee ice balls together, and this symbolizes the cohesiveness of the baseball players’ hearts. 

Without gorgeous decoration and exquisite furnishings, this plain and simple café does not only sell coffee, light meals and desserts, but you can also see the second oldest sister chatting with the customers and feel the warmness & friendliness of the owners. Next time when you pass by, why don’t you come inside, maybe you will become a regular customer, too.

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