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Infusion Cake & Tea
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6936 UpdatedDate:110-12-07

The biggest problem for the owner CHANG, CHIA-HUNG of Infusion Cake & Tea is: when I ask him to point out The most recommended meal in the café.

After working in other cities for 7 years, CHIA-HUNG was back to Chiayi City in 2016. He and familiar pastry chef LAI, I-HAN worked together to open Infusion Cake & Tea on the “Beauty Street” of Chiayi City. The door of the café is a French door and the white window frames divide the landscape of the café into several warm and peaceful paintings. When you walk into the painting world, the cozy atmosphere and music are swinging careless in this space. It makes every customer naturally becomes an indispensable part of this artwork.

Every French dessert in the cake display fridges combines the experience of I-HAN’s studying in France with all kinds of inspirations from her life and usually needs one to two months to develop and create. I-HAN used to learn music with perseverance and now she makes dessert with the same attitude, therefore, all her desserts have rich and multiple aesthetic layers. With different desserts, CHIA-HUNG at the bar will recommend different kinds of tea. Every tea in the café, from selecting the tea, brewing the tea, to serving up the tea, everything is under careful supervision of CHIA-HUNG. Bringing the best meal to the customer is something that CHIA-HUNG will never do perfunctory. I think that’s why CHIA-HUNG can’t point out the best meal in the café, because he believes that every meal he makes for the customer is the best in his mind. 

There are artworks, photographs, oil paintings and sketches showing non-scheduled on the wall of the café. When the customers look at them carelessly, they will always tell their own stories slowly. Just like Infusion with its own nature beauty of art, the café is standing silently on Chengren St., waits for passersby to inadvertently step inside and chants its own story.

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