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9143 UpdatedDate:110-12-07

The idea to renovate Residence No. 263 came from the anticipation to found a platform or a venue to enable the entire Taiwan regions to know the culture of local cuisine in Chiayi.  Renovation was done by reserving the previous ancient architectural frame.  A local small gallery with the atmosphere of art was finely built by reusing the fancy used parts in the old house.  「PANdora263.ART」This is how PANdora263.ART was born.

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23°28'38.27748" N 120°26'53.39544" E
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Thursday 13:00 ~ 17:30
  • Saturday Days Off
  • Friday 13:00 ~ 17:30
  • Thursday 13:00 ~ 17:30
  • Wednesday 13:00 ~ 17:30
  • Tuesday 13:00 ~ 17:30
  • Monday Days Off
  • Sunday Days Off
Telephone No. 63227307
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