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New Taiwan Bakery
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In 2014, “Kano” created a record of 340 million of box office. At the same year, LU, YA-LING resigned her job as a Japanese translator in photoelectric industry in ChuPei. After a career more than 10 years, she returned to Chiayi City to help her elderly father manage their bakery. 

Now New Taiwan Bakery is run by YA-LING’s father LU, KUN-CHANG who is also the son of LU, FU. Upholding his father LU, FU’s principle of “Loyal to the original flavor, learning from Nature”, they launch the traditional Mochi which does not add preservatives and has copious fillings. The customers can taste three different fillings at the same time, red bean, peanuts and sesame. Matching the diet and consumption habits of modern people, they improve the traditional Taiwanese pastry “big cake” to the souvenir. Now you don’t have to wait for the special festival holiday to buy traditional Taiwanese pastry, you can go to New Taiwan Bakery anytime and buy a piece of pastry with the history flavor. 

Opened in 1946, New Taiwan Bakery has witnessed 71 years of changing dynasties in Taiwan. No matter how the external environment changes, for New Taiwan Bakery, the only constant is the spirit of mutual support and joint efforts of family members. The unswerving feeling for the flour, their home and Chiayi City has passed from LU, KUN-CHANG to YA-LING, and it will keep warm next to the fountain roundabout.

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