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The hotel 200 meters from Chiayi Train Station surrounded by the companies accessible in downtown with a visitor-only 280-ping parking lot removes your concern for the business trip with comfort and coziness.  The art is in the air with the calligraphy and ink paintings drawn by the President in person decorated in the lobby and on the hallways of each story.


Two new types of superior suites and deluxe suites newly finished are available.  The visitor can enjoy coziness and comfort in a room with a view.  The visitor can feel the at-home touch with the elegant furnishings and the imported duvet and down-filled pillows in the room.

By car

Drive for 10 minutes after going down off Chiayi Interchange toward downtown (train station).

By train or on foot

Take the train and get off at Chiayi Train Station (front) toward Ren-ai Rd. (Carnival Cinemas) in 2 minutes on foot.

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