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Fei Fei Bistro
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 “Fei Fei was my cat, in order to commemorate the days that it accompanied me, I named the restaurant after Fei Fei.” with the tone of missing, he said the story about the name of the restaurant. He is the owner and pastry chef of the restaurant, HUANG, KAI-CHIEH.  

He had worked in manufacturing industry for 12 years and turned to baking because of his own interests. “Because I love delicacies.” he said shyly. With this enthusiasm, he began to take baking classes and set up his own brand "Fei Fei Cookie". He sells handmade cookies and desserts online and develop the customized service of Taiwanese Bride Cake. The original intension to set up his own brand is that he wants to do baking without food additives, and he want the purest flavors to touch people and the simplest ingredients to touch the taste buds. After he opened the bistro, he still upholds this thinking, just wants to make more customers feel the simple but sincere intentions.  

“Loving Chocolate Cookies and Snow Flake Cookie are the most recommended products. Even though the ingredients are very expensive, the prices of the cookies are quite parity.” When talking about his best handmade biscuits, HUANG, KAI-CHIEH said incessantly. “Because simple, delicious and parity are the most important elements of our products.” He adds. Upholding these three principles for the bistro, you can image that he wants this store to give customers a great value for their money and hopes to maintain a balance between high quality ingredients and price.

The menu of the bistro is very plentiful. It does not only have the desserts and drinks that teenage girls love, but it also has popular Chinese and western dishes. “Because we want our customers to enjoy a more diversified cuisine.” This explains the belief of Customer First and prove his determination to stand firmly. Even though the cuisine is diversified, the checks on the ingredients are never sloppy. The most important thing is that the cookies and pastries are handmade every day, and he adopts a transparent process of making to let customers enjoy the food with peace of mind.

Do you worry about paying big money for delicious food? Just come to Fei Fei Bistro, perhaps your problem will solve instantly.

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