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Everyone has a different understanding and imagination of "coffee", some people treat coffee as a stimulant, and some people just follow the trend. But for WAN JEN, the owner of Evie’s Café, she has a higher expectation for coffee and treats coffee as a medium of beautiful things in life.

WAN JEN graduated from the Eberly MBA program of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She has worked in USA, China and Taipei. After experiencing different work patterns, she finally realized what kind of life style was best for her personality and expectations. After evaluations, she decided to leave her job completely and stride toward to the ideal future. She wants to use a professional coffee shop as a medium to introduce all kind of beauties in life to the public. 

 “Starting a business is really hard. I encountered a lot of obstacles and difficulties and was mocked and ridiculed by others. I didn't know how many times I was torn between sticking at it and giving up.” After six years of improvement and persistence, she worked hard on roasting coffee beans, coffee extraction and tasting. She accumulated a lot of customers through online sales and word of mouth, and finally open her café in 2016. The café has become a physical platform to share coffee with everyone. Through seminars, teaching sessions, sharing sessions and exhibitions, she makes the café as a pivot of all kinds of beauties, including literature and art, photography, painting, fine food, design, and even floral art, hand-made, education etc. By providing great coffee and space, she actively shares and exchanges good and happiness in different aspects of life with the general public. 

Finally, when she was asked what are the products she hope to share with everyone, she reacts instantly and blurts out the answer, “pour over coffee and cold drip coffee.”

“Because there are so many variations and with so many layers, drinking them will make you feel real happiness.” Through smelling the aroma of grounds and tasting different kind of drinks, including iced one and hot one, all these make drinking black coffee have multiple enjoyments and fun. You can understand how much efforts she put into these.

In order to achieve all these happiness relations, she insists on using coffee as the link along the way and she says that she will persevere unremittingly.

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